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Aerated concrete screw , Countersunk head, 10.0 x 160 mm, Partial thread (L1), TX 30, Steel, zinc plated, blue passivated, LGA Nr. MK 3902277, 50 Pcs.

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Minimum order quantity 50 Pieces
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Aerated concrete screw - Screwing very similar to wood



Excellent power transmission

No slipping

Secure processing

Countersunk head with milling ribs

Milling ribs ensure effective milled recessing of the head in the material

Flush countersinking

Coarse thread

High load-bearing capacity thanks to special thread geometry

Without pre-drilling in wood and aerated concrete — screw forms load-bearing thread itself

Fast screwing thanks to large pitch


For mounting components made of wood, metal or plastics onto aerated concrete with strength classes ≥ PP2-0.5 in indoor applications.
Interior construction, drywalling, renovation


Pre-drilling using 1/2 screw diameter and 1/2 length of thread engagement increases load capacity.Set the torque so that the screw is not overtightened.Do not use an impact wrench or impact drill bit.


With test report LGA no. MK 3900123, LGA no. MK 3902277.


Article number 009381S021-1001609-1
Code 61999/8
GTIN/EAN 4005674619998
Diameter d 10 mm
Length L 160 mm
Thread length L1 80 mm
Total gross weight 1,725.50 g
Additional features Milling ribs
Core diameter d1 4.9 mm
Approval LGA Nr. MK 3902277
Material Steel
Surface zinc plated, blue passivated
Drive type TX
Drive size 30
Head shape Countersunk head
Packaging classification Small pack
Packaging quantity 50
Packaging unit Pcs.
Packaging size (HxWxD) 77.00 mm x 87.00 mm x 210.00 mm
Net weight 1,625.50 g


File (RN9381_S021_Aerated_concrete_screw_en_13627_ROP.pdf, 79.26 KB)


on request
per 100 Pieces
Total gross weight Dimension Approval
885.00 g 8.0 x 110 LGA Nr. MK 3900123
on request
per 100 Pieces
Total gross weight Dimension Approval
1,190.50 g 10.0 x 110 LGA Nr. MK 3902277
on request
per 100 Pieces
Total gross weight Dimension Approval
1,725.50 g 10.0 x 160 LGA Nr. MK 3902277

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