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RDS-CW Spacer screw wood, Countersunk head, 10.0 x 270 mm, Partial thread (L1), Hexagon socket 5, Stainless steel A4, pickled, passivated, anti-fr. coated, Z-21.2-2130, 30 Pcs.

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RDS-CW Spacer screw wood


Minimised thermal bridging: Heat loss is minimal thanks to the low thermal conductivity of the A4 stainless steel material.

Quick to install: Having very few working steps within a short installation time ensures high profitability.

Easy mounting: Easy to install without having to inconveniently cut the insulation.

Flexible and versatile: Fully compatible with all commercially available insulation materials (strong & weak in compression) and profiles — can be used in both new builds and renovations.

Connection system complies with fire protection standards: Meets current fire protection requirements, making it a safe connection system for RVF.


For fastening of secondary wooden substructures to the front of masonry/ concrete.


1.) Create a dia. 10 mm drill hole through the profile and insulation with a minimum drilling depth in masonry/concrete of 105 mm. Adjust the drilling method according to the substrate.2.) Clean the drill hole.3.) Carefully drive in the screw with the attached anchor sleeve. You will be able to tell when you have reached the setting depth of 70 mm in the masonry when you begin to feel noticeable resistance from the anchor ring. The screw is seated correctly when the outer edge of the profile is in the marked area. Alignment of the secondary substructure.4.) Slowly screw in (approx. 100 rpm) until the end position is reached in the profile (screw head is flush or recessed by maximum 2 mm).


Including matching bit. Anchor checked for tension and pressure. Installation instructions: Pay close attention to the installation guidelines provided in the general technical approval Z-21.2-2130.


Article number 0RDSCWW138-100270D-1
Code 18798/5
GTIN/EAN 4005674187985
Diameter d 10 mm
Length L 270 mm
Thread length L1 100 mm
Height of head k 30 mm
Total gross weight 2,754.90 g
Component I.1 Thickness Min. H: 27; W: 58 mm
Component II.1 Thickness Min. 120 mm
Additional features Screw-in marking
Core diameter d1 6.1 mm
Drilling capacity Component 1 [mm]: Wood Min. H: 27; W: 58 Component 2 [mm]: Masonry Min. 120
Approval Z-21.2-2130
Material Stainless steel A4
Surface pickled, passivated, anti-fr. coated
Drive type Hexagon socket
Drive size 5
Head shape Countersunk head
Approval with annex Z-21.2-2130
Processing speed 100 U/min
Minimum screw-in depth 70 mm
Clamping area 170 - 195 mm
Packaging quantity 30
Packaging unit Pcs.
Packaging size (HxWxD) 95.00 mm x 95.00 mm x 415.00 mm
Net weight 2,616.90 g


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per 100 Pieces
Total gross weight Dimension
1,991.10 g 10.0 x 190
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Total gross weight Dimension
2,193.30 g 10.0 x 210
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per 100 Pieces
Total gross weight Dimension
2,372.70 g 10.0 x 230
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Total gross weight Dimension
2,552.40 g 10.0 x 250
on request
per 100 Pieces
Total gross weight Dimension
2,754.90 g 10.0 x 270

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