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RP-T2-FK, Butt joint screw Drilling screw, Truss head, 4.5 x 22 mm, Partial thread, SIT® 25, E14, Bimetal (stainless steel A2/steel), Nickel strike, zinc plated blue, lubricated, ETA-21/0306, 100 Pcs.

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Fastening aluminium and steel profile sheets to aluminium and steel.


Processing (recommendation)

1. Inserting the screw with increased pressure and low rotation speed (approx. 200 revolutions)

2. Pressure can be reduced as soon as the thread engages. The rotation speed can then be increased to approx. 1600 revolutions.

3. Immediately before the sealing washer touches down, reduce the rotation speed considerably and tighten the sealing washer until it is slightly compressed.

4. Recommended tightening torque for steel substructure approx. 3 Nm, under 0.8 mm material thickness 1 Nm.

Recommended tightening torque for aluminium substructure approx. 1 Nm, under 0.8 mm material thickness 0.5 Nm.



Article number DB6612B020-0450222-1
Code 14996/9
GTIN/EAN 4005674149969
Diameter d [mm] 4.5
Length L [mm] 22
Core diameter d1 [mm] 4.4
Thread length L1 [mm] 20 mm
Head diameter dk [mm] 11.7
Height of head k [mm] 3.3
Gesamtnettogewicht 539.00 g
Gesamtbruttogewicht 569.00 g
Klemmbereich auf Holz (mit Einheit) mm
Material Bimetal (stainless steel A2/steel)
Surface Nickel strike, zinc plated blue, lubricated
Drive type SIT®
Drive size 25
Head shape Truss head
Seal: Abbreviation E14
Seal: Type Sealing washer
Seal: Material Stainless steel A2/EPDM
Approval ETA-21/0306
Approval with annex Z-14.1-4, annex 3.305a Z-14.1-537, annex 3.2.21/3.1.30 ETA-21/0306, annex 28.10/28.11/28.20/28.30
Drilling capacity [mm] 1 x 1.0/2 x 0.8
Processing speed [rpm] 1,600
Component I.1 Material Steel
Component I.1 Thickness [mm] 0.4 - 1.0
Component II.1 Material Steel
Component II.1 Thickness [mm] 0.5 - 1.0
Clamping area on steel [mm] 1 - 7
Packaging quantity 100
Packaging unit Pcs.
Packaging size (HxWxD) 76.00 mm x 85.00 mm x 62.00 mm


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