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RP-r-LK-X, REFABO Plus Flashing screw, Pan head, 4,8 x 20 mm, Full thread, SIT® 20, Bimetal (stainless steel A2/steel), Nickel strike, zinc plated blue, lubricated, ETA-21/0306, 500 Pcs.

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Fast and easy to apply

Replaces invonvenient riveting

Small, fine, rounded head for a sleek appearance that does not damage the vapour barrier

Can even be collated in a screw magazine when working with large quantities

Includes bit (special drive SIT®20) for wobble-free screwing


For fastening of flashings and bracing of support shells.


Article number 007569B020-0480206-1
Code 22868/8
GTIN/EAN 4005674228688
Diameter d [mm] 4,8
Length L [mm] 20
Core diameter d1 [mm] 3,5
Thread length L1 [mm] 20,0
Head diameter dk [mm] 7,5
Height of head k [mm] 2.7
Diameter of drill tip dp [mm] 2,8
Length of drill tip lp [mm] 4,5
Material Bimetal (stainless steel A2/steel)
Surface Nickel strike, zinc plated blue, lubricated
Drive type SIT®
Drive size 20
Head shape Pan head
Approval ETA-21/0306
Approval with annex Z-14.1-4, annex 3.367 ETA-21/0306, annex 11.11/11.20/11.30
Drilling capacity [mm] 2 x 1,5/1 x 2,0
Processing speed [rpm] 1.800
Tightening torque [Nm] 5
Component I.1 Material Steel
Component I.1 Thickness [mm] 0,4 - 2,0
Component II.1 Material Steel
Component II.1 Thickness [mm] 0,4 - 2,0
Clamping area on steel [mm] 1 - 6
Product instructions Head can be painted in RAL colours
Packaging quantity 500
Packaging unit Pcs.


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