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RSB-A, Solar fastener Solar fastener type A, 8.4/M10 x 180/50 mm, Partial thread (L1), Hexagon socket 5, E19, Stainless steel A2, Nickel strike, zinc plated blue, lubricated, Z-14.4-555, 20 Pcs.

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Minimum order quantity 20 Pieces
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For fixing photovoltaic and solar systems to wooden substructures.


Fixings on: Steel profile sheets and sandwich profiles, corrugated fibre cement panels.


Article number 003876V020-1001805-1
Code 61125/1
GTIN/EAN 4005674611251
Diameter d 8.4/M10 mm
Length L 236 mm
Thread length L1 70 mm
Drilling capacity Component 1 [mm]: Photovoltaic system Component 2 [mm]: Wood
Material Stainless steel A2
Surface Nickel strike, zinc plated blue, lubricated
Drive type Hexagon socket
Drive size 5
Seal: Abbreviation E19
Seal: Type Sealing washer
Seal: Material Stainless steel A2/EPDM
Approval Z-14.4-555
Approval with annex Z-14.4-555
Processing speed 500 U/min
Tightening torque [Nm] 1.0-5.0 Nm
Clamping area on wood 105 - 140 mm
Packaging quantity 20
Packaging unit Pcs.
Packaging size (HxWxD) 77.00 mm x 87.00 mm x 287.00 mm
Net weight 2,183.20 g
Gross weight 2,304.20 g


on request
per 100 Pieces
Dimension Clamping area on wood
8.4/M10 x 200/50 125 - 160 mm

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