RT UNI Decking screw, Cylinder head, 5.0 x 60 mm, Partial thread (L1), SIT® 20, Stainless steel A2, antique, lubricated, EN 14592:2008+A1:2012, 180 Pcs.

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RT UNI Decking screw - The screw for professional terracing



Quickly access the drive

No tumbling motion

Maximum power transmission without the risk of over-tightening

Can be used with standard TX bit

Cylinder head

Small diameter for easy countersinking in wood

Minimal splitting effect

Flush countersinking

Neat finish

Thread under head

Component is firmly pressed down

No creaking or wobbling of the wood connection

Secure hold and permanent fix

Special thread

Reinforced core

Highly resistant to breakage

DRIBO® drill element

Minimised splitting effect in wood, allowing for small edge distances

Effortless connection including in frame and bar area

Immediate screw start


Specially designed for hardwoods in outdoor applications.
Landscaping and gardening, decking


Length 50 mm for max. 20 mm boards, length 60 mm for max. 27 mm boards, length 70 mm for max. 30 mm boards, length 80 mm for max. 37 mm boards.Usage: approx. 35 pieces/m²


Wood discolouration may occur when using antique screws, however there is no reduction in quality.
Pre-drilling and pre-countersinking with RT countersink drill bit in a single step.


Article number 00DR06V232-050060PR-1
Code 67626/7
GTIN/EAN 4005674676267
Diameter d 5 mm
Length L 60 mm
Thread length L1 33 mm
Total gross weight 1,135.80 g
Additional features Thread under head DRIBO® drill element
Core diameter d1 3.9 mm
Approval EN 14592:2008+A1:2012
Material Stainless steel A2
Surface antique, lubricated
Drive type SIT®
Drive size 20
Head shape Cylinder head
Packaging classification Large multipack
Packaging quantity 180
Packaging unit Pcs.
Packaging size (HxWxD) 77.00 mm x 87.00 mm x 122.00 mm
Net weight 1,080.00 g


File (RNDR06_V232_RT_UNI_Decking_screw_en_16441_ROP.pdf, 341.11 KB)


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Total gross weight Dimension Packaging quantity
1,060.00 g 5.0 x 50 200
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per 180 Pieces
Total gross weight Dimension Packaging quantity
1,135.80 g 5.0 x 60 180
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Total gross weight Dimension Packaging quantity
1,110.00 g 5.0 x 70 150
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per 130 Pieces
Total gross weight Dimension Packaging quantity
1,094.60 g 5.0 x 80 130

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