RV-r-SSK Wood cleat screw, Washer countersunk head, 4.9 x 24 mm, Full thread, SIT® 20, Stainless steel A2, pickled, passivated, anti-fr. coated, EN 14592:2008+A1:2012, 200 Pcs.

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RV-r-SSK Wood cleat screw - For direct and frictionless fastening of standing seam cleats


Doubles the retention force of a nailed cleat.

Screw solution saves time and money, as there is no need to rework poorly installed nails.

Positions can be easily corrected without damaging the cleat.

More flexibility on the roof thanks to the use of lightweight cordless screwdrivers as hand tools instead of heavy pneumatic or gas nailers.

Flat head for smooth sliding of the standing seam sheets.

Drill tip centres the screw and reduces the splitting effect in the wood.

Screw loosening protection thanks to locking serration = Screws do not work loose.

No over-tightening due to locking serration.



Quickly access the drive

No tumbling motion

Maximum power transmission without the risk of over-tightening

Can be used with standard TX bit

Washer countersunk head

Flat contact surface

High contact pressure

Perfect fit and neat finish

Locking serration

Protection against over-tightening

Turn-back protection: Screws do not loosen themselves

Single-start thread

High load-bearing capacity

Drill tip

Drills wood, wood materials, aluminium and copper

Prevents wood from splitting


Drilling screw for fixing standing seam cleats and eaves comb fillers to wooden substructures.
For fixing standing seam cleats, plastic and aluminium eaves comb fillers, edge parts and metal sheets to the roof and the façade


Recommended processing speed 800-1,000 [rpm]Drilling capacity in aluminium and copper is 1.0 mmDoubles the retention force compared to a nailed cleat


Incl. matching SIT® BIT Steel and stainless steel components must be pre-drilled to dp [mm]
Incl. matching SIT® bit.


Article number SK7025V138-0490244-1
Code 26489/1
GTIN/EAN 4005674264891
Diameter d 4.9 mm
Length L 24 mm
Thread length L1 20 mm
Height of head k 0.8 mm
Total gross weight 500.00 g
Component I.1 Thickness 0.5 - 1.0 mm
Additional features Locking serration
Core diameter d1 3.3 mm
Diameter of drill tip dp 3.4 mm
Drilling capacity Component 1 [mm]: A2 stainless steel (pre-punched)/plastic/aluminium 0.5 - 1.0 Component 2 [mm]: Wood
Approval EN 14592:2008+A1:2012
Length of drill tip lp 2.5 mm
Material Stainless steel A2
Surface pickled, passivated, anti-fr. coated
Drive type SIT®
Drive size 20
Head shape Washer countersunk head
Drilling capacity 0.5 - 1.0 mm
Processing speed 800 - 1,000 U/min
Clamping area on wood 0.5 - 1.0 mm
Packaging classification Small pack
Packaging quantity 200
Packaging unit Pcs.
Packaging size (HxWxD) 76.00 mm x 85.00 mm x 62.00 mm
Net weight 500.00 g


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